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Slipsters post in Feathers.

bit like fly spray nothing like the old days when one squirt killed millions and next doors Cat

Good ol' Flit.
One of my Summer jobs as a kid.
Fill the metal pump reservoir with the stuff and starting from the front door, work my way, walking backwards and pumping away furiously down the hallway into the kitchen, then what was the outdoor Thunder Box and finally the lean to (Poor Mans Conservatory) then into the garden and safety.
Venture back in after an hour to find the budgie, Joey, gasping for breath and wearing a gas mask.

Then there was those horrible, brown stickey paper strips that you hung from a light bulb. YUK.

Anyone think of any other obnoxious, near fatal, household items, cures etc?

not a the moment Baz....I'm still reeling with          with the memories......
except on a lesser scale "fly papers" sticky sping like fings....did I ever see a fly stuck to one  

My father used nicotine smoke bombs in the greenhouse, lit touch paper and retired wheezing to the house til the smoke cleared! Yikes!!! I think it was for whitefly though they must have had a resistance to nicotine as it was the only place he was allowed to smoke his pipe! Love Lizzie

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