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Slimbridge Wetlands Trust.

Slimbridge? I'm going to spend the day there today. Hopefully I'll have loads of pictures to share with you. Its twenty something years since I was last there.

Here are the pictures that have come out reasonably on my visit. They're none too brilliant, but what was, was that on the day of my visit, there were nearly 4000 of my favouite birds there. The lapwing.

Birds in the Slimbridge crane project

Mute swans.

Bewick and Mute swans side by side for you to compare.

I'm a very proud bird.

Views from some of the hides.

and finally, no prizes for identyfying these.

Slimbridge is a fantastic place, if you haven't been there, you should.
mrs tiggywinkle

  Nice photos Bodger. Glad you had a good time.

Great pics  

Great pics thanks for sharing

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