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Slaughter Horses.

At the moment thier paying 35p a Kg at the slaughter houses for smaller horses and 45p/kg for larger ones and there are hundreds and hundreds going through every week. The sales around here are practically given them away..


Where is all this horse flesh going to. No way it's all going abroad, so, is it coming to a pie near you? or is your dog eating Dobbin at the moment in a can

I really dont have a problem with horses being slaughtered for dog food. I have had to have horses put down and they always went to the local hunt for hound food. What I am against is transporting horses across the continent for slaughter in dreadful conditions on the lorries.
I have eaten horse meat in France - a bit tough for my taste but its popular out there.
I can only hope such a low price for horsemeat will discourage idiots breeding so many unwanted horses. As a horse owner whose (very expensive to keep!) horse is kept in palatial surroundings in total pampered luxury I hate seeing neglected horses standing hock deep in bare paddocks - perhaps the knackers is better than their miserable existance anyway. IMHO, Love Lizzie

It's very good lean meat---if it was for sale in Aber I'd buy it--but we don't get the option in this country.

Good grief, at those prices my 4 would only just make 300  


Looking at the price  of lamb at the minute, biftek de cheval would be a real bargain---bet it's not that price to buy in France.

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