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stir crazy

skinny horse

Yes I know the spring grass is here so no reason why he wont be as fat as butter in no time. but any other tips for fattening a TB.

He hunted all winter before he came to me and now just gentle hacking so yes all the muslce has gone to reveal no flesh on them bones - to the point he can't be ridden as spine is making his skin sore. he has been on baileys conditioning cubes since feb but no improvement. had a good vetting and wormed, tack, pain etc. just need some fat camp ideas

I had a similar problem with my arab mare who looked like a toast rack. Solved it completely with Baileys feed. The probiotic conditioning additive which you mix with their feed (no14 local balancer). Dramatic improvement after 2 weeks and its non heating so no whizzing. Try it - it costs about 20 a bag but it lasts for weeks. My mare looks better than I have ever seen her. Love Lizzie
stir crazy

that is exactly what baileys suggested. gonna put him on a protexin quick fix probiotic paste to kick start his guts and then the baileys prebiotic with the conditioning cube at double the current ration.
fingers crossed

Let us know how he gets on
stir crazy

I have made one simple change. i am bringing him out of the field to feed him. I have a small paddock next to the big field and he is happy to eat in there - I am wondering if the mare has been chomping all his food. even after only a couple of days he is looking 'plumper' or is that just my imagination??
stir crazy

update - the boy has been enjoying two feeds a day and is looking stunning. good covergae and very laid back
baileys conditiong cube and alfa a oil have done the trick.
thanks for you help

Glad to hear that your boy is looking tons better. I always fed Baileys up to a short while ago and they did the trick every time


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