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skinning and preparing a rabbit.

For those who want to know how.

I use this cooking method all the time.  

Very interesting, especially the 2 week storage under oil.

I noticed that he did not mention the "glands" yet most people say that you need to remove them or it taints the meat.

Poaching for 2 1/2 hours    Surely all the flavour has been boiled  away????

I thought he did chop out the glands just before he pulled all the poop away.

I have never used the oil method,not sure if  would want to try it either.

agapanthus- The flavour is still there even after the two and a half hours,

I found if it was cooked for anything less than the 2 and a half the rabbit is tough as old boots.  

Heres an old one that I did TF

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