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Six years now!

Only just spotted this section!

We (there isn't even a we now) lost our KCCS, Pe-pe, (Dashing Bouncer) almost six years ago now. The Kennel Club description of 'companion' was very apt!
Where I live, I'm not allowed to replace him, which is sad!


Re: Six years now!

Stanley wrote:
Only just spotted this section!

Same here Stanley!

Lovely photo & bet he lived up to his name  

Its a section thats been put on this evening. We thought that there might be a need for it. Its a shame that you are prevented from having another dog Stan.

To the average non-dog owner dogs donít have expressive faces. Live with one for thirteen years and you know different! Joy, sadness, concern, or just simply, ĎIím not going out in this weather!í
For the last few months of his life he poked his nose in my tummy, sniffed hard and looked concerned. Three months after his demise they found a cancer, now thankfully removed!
 Amazing creatures!

Thats a great story Stanley!

Back in February, my husband was rushed from the field to the hospital, in terrible pain! I had 2 trucks and the new that day Terravac (poo-picking machine, awesome thing!) to get home before I went as they would have walked pretty quick as it was getting dark!

5 minutes after he had gone and I had just finished feeding the horses...I slipped and tore the ligament in my left ankle! I slid into a large muddy puddle and had to heave myself out..

I then had to crawl across one of the paddocks, no ambulance coming for me thankyou....I called me sis in law back (hooray for my mobile phone!) and was 'Helped' by two of my horses who were in that paddock....

Tia kept licking through the mud and my boot (I thought I had bust it, it had gone 'POP'..nightmare...) and Highlander kept trying to shove me along with his nose!

To cut a long story short, Pete was fine (kidney stones!) all the trucks and gear were taken home by brother in law, and my ankle, although still fine now!

When I think of my horses trying to help me, makes me smile!  

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