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Six Hours.

Six hours, thats how long its going to take me to fill twelve 50 gallon wooden barrels with water and sterilising solution. The water pressure in the tap that we're using isn't that good and its taking an eternity. So far, we've done six and its taking a good half an hour to fill each one.
There's a little bit of seepage from some of the barrels but thats to be expected. Its not much and they should tighten up after they've been soaked for a day or two. I'll go around them tomorrow with the watering can and top up any that need it.  
We're using the timer on the cooker, so that I can get some other work done inbetween moving the hose from one barrel to the next. I've just got time to go and muck another chicken shed out.

d'you know....I really am going to find time to come and visit you on an overnighter.
Where is your nearest airport?

"Are we nearly there yet?"

Not quite.

I topped all twelve barrels up this afternoon and between the twelve of them, they took about half a watering can full. There were two or three that showed some sign of minor seepage when I filled them up but this had stopped and some of the water would have soaked into the oak wood of the barrels.

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