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Sitting outside.

Believe it or not but the summer will soon be here. One of the things that we love to do at this time of the year, is to sit outside in the evening with a glass in hand and a fire lit to keep warm by.  A fire also helps to keep the midges at bay.
So, what we've started to do this last few weeks is to bring back drift wood home with us from our walks along the beach. We're beginning to build up quite a store ready for those long summer nights with friends and family.
We wont burn driftwood on our house stoves because the salts in logs might cause them to rust. I've always loved getting fuel for free, I think its because it satisfies part of the hunter gatherer in me. It's low tide this afternoon and I'll be off scavenging again.    

Can't beat sitting out on a nice night with friends and a drop of two. Looking good for the next few days

I'm back from a lovely walk across the beach with my eldest son Tom with a nice haul. The wood was always going to be secondary to the walk, I'll post some pictures later on.
Dave C

The wind is starting to drop here
So it might be a nice night to dust off the patio seats & flare up the Chimenia  

I may very well have a drink with you Dave. Started early just got back from the pub.

As I said earlier, the walk was more important than the firewood.

This part of the beach is always quite productive.

The walk back off the beach was quite arduous. and it was more than handy having the van waiting for us at the bottom of the slipway.

Todays swag was added to the ever growing outdoor fire store.

Believe it or not, but on the way off from the beach we were stopped by a lady who wanted to know if we were going to burn the top log in the store and that we should be able to do something much better with it. I told her that we'd got some rather splendid red wine that we intended drinking as we bathed in the heat that it was going to produce.    

Great pics well worth the walk
Dave C

bodger wrote:
I may very well have a drink with you Dave. Started early just got back from the pub.

One day John  
Yorkshire Geordie

Simply beautiful, thank you Bodger.  
You have caught the stark reality of a beautiful stretch of coast there. Wonderful.
Plus - a good walk.

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