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Simple Belly Pork

Thought I would drop in with a simple bit of belly pork done in the dutch oven.
A rub of salt, cracked black pepper. soft brown sugar, hot smoked paprika, Cayenne pepper and garlic powder was made. Rubbed into the meat and allowed to warm up to room temp.

A trivet of chopped onion, garlic and sprigs of thyme was put on the bottom of the oven and the belly on top.

All the briquettes were put on the lid to crisp the scored skin.

A couple of hours later, dinner is served.

Plated up with mustard mash, green beans and purple sprouting broccoli. A gravy from the juices and trivet was made.
Pudding was an apple crumble.



That looks very nice

horace wrote:
That looks very nice

I agree-  first time I have seen a dutch oven - many thanks

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