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Silver Soldering and Brazing at home

I am planning a project for the new year, which due to circumstances will have to be completed at home.

I need advice on Silver Soldering. All of the Silver Soldring and Brazing that I have done, was completed with the use of Oxy/Acet Gas welding gear.

The question is: Can I Silver Solder using a Butane fuelled cannister type blow torch? Will I be able to deliver enough heat to allow the Silver solder to flow, tin and meld?

The material that I would like to join is: 10 mm dia & 12 mm dia mild steel tubing, with 1 mm & 1.5 mm wall thicknesses respectively. Joints will be butts and fillets.

You'll really struggle trying to silver solder tubing of that size with Butane Gar.............

Even with Propane you'll need a charcoal or coke brazing hearth in order to keep enough of the surrounding metal hot enough to 'flash' off the joint.

I always had my best results using gas and air, but for some reason natural gas doesn't seem to work as well as the old town gas.

Oxy acetylene will do it, but beware of vapourising the cadmium content of the solder - pretty nasty stuff if it gets into your lungs.

Oxy/propane will also do it, but in both cases you'd be better of using brazing rod, you only need a few extra degrees of heat and the joint will be a lot stronger, brazing rod is also a hellavalot cheaper than easyflo or similar sllver solder.

One of the things our american cousins use is acetylene torches & burners, reptutedly very effective for silver solder & brazing but not available in the UK as far as I know.

The company that I am presently sub-contracting to, are not keen on my "homework" passing through their welding bay. I can have as much scrap hydraulic pipe as I want, can cut it and bend it to my hearts content, but not weld or braze it .

So it looks like a trip to the local tool hire shop one weekend and hiring an Oxy/Acet welding kit.

I already have over 200 top quality Eutectic brand flux coated brass alloy brazing rods in my tool box, but knew that I would need to generate about 900*C to get them to tin, fill & fillet  Hence the enquiry regarding silver solder and Butane blow torches.

The little project that I am embarking upon?

A single wheeled "Day pack" bicycle trailer for the springtime Coast-to-Coast cycling trip that the 3m's and I have planned. I will be towing the bulk of the required gear on my heavy duty two wheeled bicycle trailer, but I want each of the 3'ms to take turns in towing a smaller lighter trailer packed with a couple of cool bags containing the picnics, tea/coffee brewing gear, and additonal waterproofs, etc.

I shall be making a hybridisation of these two trailers;

green man

Stick with simplicity Gareth why not make a simple front support for a bog standard holdall small ruck etc.bag.

I already have racks, panniers, and a bar bag for my bike. Although they are good, they can be somewhat inflexible, especally when trying to pack camping equipment and stoves. Often making a bicycle unweildly to ride as the centre of gravity is rasied.

I would like a smaller lighter trailer for my own cycling outings and weekend camping trips. Although my existing bicycle trailer is good, it is a little too large and a little too heavy for shorter trips. The width can sometimes exclude me from some of the cycle trails. Especially when bicycle camping on the wooded and forest sections, of the North Norfolk and Pembrokeshire Coastal ways. All the diamensions that I have settled upon for building a single wheeled trailer will be only just be a fraction wider than the the pedals of my bicycle. Meaning that the trailer will be able to follow everywhere that I can pedal the bike.

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