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Silver Penciled Wyandotte

I'd like to say hi as I'm new on this forum and I'd like to share some photos of my chickens that we have.

Here is our Silver Penciled Wyandotte cockerel (about 22 weeks old now)

Sorry for this photo overload, I couldn't decide on the best ones  

Do you think he is of local show quality as I wouldn't mind getting into showing Thank you
Dave C

Dont apologize, we like a picture overload on here  

Nice looking birds and welcome to the forum  

Thank you
We also have a Ixworth cockerel & hen, Buff Marsh Daisy cockerel, Silkie cockerel, Light Sussex hen, Speckledy hen, 2 Warren hens (so 10 in far)
Where would I be best posting pics - under this one or under different headings for their breeds?

I would also like to show some of them so any advice would be gratefully received  

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