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Sigma 150-500 lens

Sigma 150-500 lens

I'm thinking about treating myself to this lens & wondered if anybody has one & your opinion on it.


I don't have a 150 - 500 lens, but I do have a Sigma 28 - 300.
I've had no problems with the quality of the lens, despite throwing it about a bit on my travels.
The only issue I have with the lens / camera combination (Nikon D50), is that to get the type of shot I am generally after (zoomed in, high speed action shots- see below) a heck of a lot of bright natural light is required.
I find that I get the best results shooting in shutter priority mode, and cranking the shutter speed up as high as possible.


Along with wildlife. like you high speed action shots are what I will be after, thanks for the tip.

Lovely looking dogs, is the 2nd photo a non ped ?


Just too add to that,not sure what Camera Body you are mounting it on but heres a link if it helps,though looking at jakeys shots it dont look to bad...
Sam L

I have not used that lens before but do own a sigma 70-300 4-5.6.

I don't like it very much, you need a LOT of light to get a good pic and even then, it's not very sharp.

I'm know this lens is a bit different but I would certainly advise trying it before buying.

It might be worth considering paying a more for a Canon 100 - 400 L with an extender. Costs more in the short term but the images will be much better and it will probably be much better focusing etc (another problem I had with my Sigma).

Thanks for you input    I took the plunge & treated myself to the lens.  I tried it out at a hunter trial on Sunday & I'm pleased with it. Light is something it needs, the best photos are the ones when the sun was breaking through on an overcast day. I guess thats true with most lenses    

I just need to get used to it now.
Sam L

and post some results  

Sam L wrote:
and post some results  

I'll get out there with it when/if it stops raining  

As its a nice bright day & I had a bit of time to spare time I thought I would compare lenses.  All the photos are taken from the same spot with a Nikon D5000

Nikon 18-55mm at 18mm

Nikon 18-55mm at 55mm

Nikon 55 - 200mm at 200mm

Sigma 150 - 500mm at 150mm

Sigma 150 - 500mm at 500mm

Sigma 150 - 500mm at 500mm with Sigma x2 teleconverter

Sigma 150 - 500mm at 500mm cropped

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