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Sid James?

It hardly sems possible but on this day in 1976  Sid James died. He first made his name as Tony Hancock's co-star in Hancock's Half Hour but was better known as one of the main stars of the so very popular Carry On films.

That man made his fortune out of that dirty laugh of his. i can hear it now, how can his passinghave been so long ago? Do you think its because we're all getting older ?

It can also be downloaded as a ringtone.

I remember as a lad busting a gut laughing at carry on flims.

Actually I remember the day he died very well. The previous day he'd been interviewed on the lunchtime TV programme 'Pebble Mill at One' and I recall being alarmed at how ill he looked. When the news came the following day that he'd died that night I was v sad, but not surprised.  

He didn,t do bad for a South African hairdresser

He's never gone away...

Weird innit? As soon as I read his name I could hear his laugh in my head.

One of the greats

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