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The local news said that the injuries were so horrific they could not report them.  What on earth would get into someones mind that they would do this

That just is something I will never understand why!! Can only hope they catch them and they come up before an animal loving judge.

Just seen this on SUN website it states some of the injuries not nice

It is utterly sickening what some b*****s (I cant call them humans) will do to animals and in the name of what????

I really do feel for the owner and hope the perpetrator gets his/their come uppance soon


another horse found dead and mutilated in the same way.  the response of the authorities beggers belief really:

The rspca are just the same here, if they find something and think it will get them big claps in papers they are into it if not then a case of can't see a thing. I know this is a calf but we had one down in a paddock some pilock rang "them" inspector came I said it had "rye grass staggers" she wanted to go look as she said only horses get it not cattle we said vet said leave it alone she said if she couldn't go look at it would get police to help her so we told her to go for it. We rang vet he rang them and told them he would get MAF to give them a heads up if they did go near it. Stupid git knew nothing about cattle

There was an article in our local weekly couple of weeks ago, pony mutilated - couldnt read it as was horrendous - Carmarthen journal. Makes my blood boil  

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