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Can anyone recommend an electric shredder?  Am seriously thinking of investing in one for speeding up compost making. Be grateful for your experiences folks

Hi Shadiya
Oddly enough, me and a mate have been looking into mulching down arisings that wont go through my woodchipper. The purpose is to accelerate the composting process. We decided to look at recycling as opposed to buying new. Have a look at this you tube clip of a converted petrol lawn mower. It looks like what we want and will be a bit more powerful than an electric one.



I have got a Ryobi "quiet" 2440 watt electric shredder which I have been using for 10 months now. Mainly on Leylandii, Laural, Privet and a little Hawthorn from our hedges.

The shredder comes with a 15 metre long cable, has a heavy duty (IP67) waterproof industrial type switch, with a large red bang to stop emergency stop button, a built in RCD, forward & reverse switch, and resetable thermal overload button.

I have experienced no problems worthy of  reporting as it has handled everything that I have put through it including vegetable leaves, stalks and roots. I've managed to bung it up once (a stone in some roots), which cleared when I switched the motor into reverse. The large bag that came with it has not been used for collecting the shredded material, but I have used large plastic trugs; No real reason for that other than I find the trugs very convenient to temporarily store and then handle the shredded material, and so the bag has been demoted to covering the shredder when not in use.

The extensive amount of woody material I have put through has composted down extremely well, but I think that me urinating on the heap every day has helped with that. The dead woody material that I have pulled from the hedges was shredded separately and has been used to make a wood-chip covered utility area in one corner of the garden which the dog loves to roll in (and is then transfered to the carpet   ).

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Black & Decker and other makes are available.


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