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Shredded soup

Are there forlorn looking odds and sods at the bottom of the vegetable drawer in your fridge ? or a few soggy looking things in the veg baskets ?

This is a tasty tidy up

Take a biggish pot and a grater. Put the grater into the pot so that you can access the shredder bit easily. Not the finest vermicelli (cheese?) grater but the bigger shredder area.

Gather up all those odds and sods and grate them. From mushrooms to carrots (don't peel) stray radishes to the heart of the lettuce, end of the cucumber to a parsnip and spuds that have had to have sprouting eyes cut away. Peel an onion and do that too. Celery's good in the mix, a bit of celeriac is excellent, but peppers don't shred quite so well. Bit of leftover butternut squash was available today, and there were leftover peas from dinner last night so they went in too.

Put a little fat or oil (I scraped out the last of a tub of vegan margarine for mine) into the pot and quickly stir fry the whole lot for a few minutes. Rinse off the grater into the pot with some hot water, add stock of some kind if you like, or herbs of choice, make up the liquid until all the veggies are covered and freely moving. Simmer gently for quarter of an hour or so..
I usually add in a handful of lentils or split yellow peas, and just cook until they've turned to softness.

Easiest, and very tasty, vegetable soup. Good texture/mouth feel to it. Cleans up the kitchen nicely too

Very good served with home made bread or cornbread, and the house smells great on a cold, wet, miserable day.


That sounds like a good one to try - thanks

A wee bit like my Granny's "goesintill" soup , which I have continued with ,  Goesintill  just meant if it was in the kitchen it went into the soup.
  Guess whats for tea ????

We also add bits of meat and serve with pasta or jacket spud. yummy

We often have dead veg soup and bottom of the freezer soup.

I do something similar (usually with left over frozen veg from numerous meals) but havent grated it before, just chucked it all in the pan and let it bubble away. Usually have it with crispy dumplings or a french stick, either way its lovely.

Kids nicknamed it stinky soup and the names stuck!!


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