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chicken feed

Should keep us going for a while

Monday saw us load 2 lambs and 3 pigs in to the trailer for their final journey. The two lambs were 3/4 texel and just 5 months they weighed in at 43 & 48Lb each so did us very well.

The pigs were born early january and would have gone sooner had it not been for the bbc using them for filming, the first one weighed in at 189lb the other two have been used for sausage and bacon all the loins and belly's of both and the legs of one of them will come back in two weeks as bacon and the rest came back as 207lb of sausages. I think we will be well fed for some time.

That should keep you going for the winter.

Incidentally, what tends to be the going rate for slaughtering a lamb? There seems to be a huge variation in what people are being charged for pigs.
chicken feed

we paid 20 Kill, cut and bagged.
maine moose

Holy pork chop Bat man that's good value over here in the republic the price I was quoted for cut and bag a pig was 120 euro , so asked how much to make bacon the quote was 100 per half side. There answer when said cop on that's a rip of "go somewhere else" then a  nasty laugh the nearest slaughter house in next county far side. Then as a rider " its not me mate its the EU" Its very apparent the rules of the EU are being used as a stick to beat the small guy with.

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