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Shooter needed in mid essex for fox ... any volunteers?

Just curtailed my first proper holiday for years on account of the fearless *bcough!d*

It's got to go, it's too fearless, not scared of ppl or leccy fence. On the plus side it shoud be easy to catch or just shoot from the bedrom window, with a bit of bait on the lawn, where it got the broodies and chicks . . .

Do you own the land where the fox is to be shot?  Is it a large area away from  too many people?

Foxes can be shot with a suitably powered rifle, which you would need a sizeable and suitable piece of land for OR they can be shot with a shotgun. Shot guns are used at a much closer range than a rifle and can be used safely and humanely on much smaller parcels of land.  

Must be more than 50ft from the centre of a road or footpath.

It's long gone thankfully.

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