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chicken feed

shire horse show 2011

its on march 19th & 20th at the peterborough east of england showground.

lots to see and do, we shall be there with our tractors so fingers crossed for some nice weather  

Seeing this made me laugh!! Until recently this was as far as farmer friend of ours had ever travelled from home-in East Yorkshire!! A distance of about 120 miles!! Once a year down to Peterborough!! However he found love at the age of 45 and has since been whisked off all over the place by his new fiancee and her friends-he has been to the States 3 times now!!

I hope there will be pictures
chicken feed

 i will try to remember my camera in the packing along with the cookers, kettle, table, chairs, food, dogs, grandchild, tractors and the list goes on  

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