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Shire Horse Colt

"An East Yorkshire family has bred the top Shire horse mare in the country. Can her new son emulate her?"

"...there are fewer than 2,000 Shire horses worldwide and it is now classed as a rare breed.
But one farming family near the Holderness coast is keeping the tradition of breeding them alive."

It must be wonderful to be doing something like this.

They are a grand breed, I only really like heavy horses    

Love the Shires there is a Shire horse museum at Staintondale near Whitby

Wonderful horses but even the enthusiasts that try to keep the old methods alive seem to use a smaller breed now

Heavy horses are very well loved over here, and are still used quite widely. Of course the Mennonites use them for work in the fields, but they are also used for forestry work, ploughing smaller acreages etc. The main breed here are Belgians, which are handsome and I had not seen in the UK.

Here is a picture of Raine, my sons recent aquisistion, at 8 months old. She is Clydesdale and he assures me he will end up with no more than 15!!  


She is beautiful   They are the main breed we see here even know some local one that breeds Clydesdales

Aww, she is lovely   would love to see more pics as she grows.

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