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Shell Island

       end of season party.

Friday night is a hallowean party, then a fireworks display on Saturday night.

My be a tad chilly though as no caravans allowed on there just campervans and tents.

Shell Island, North Wales.

I visited ther a couple of years back mate, not to stay but we were in the area.  It looks like a good spot and we've talked about heading over there for a camping trip ourselves one summer.

Have a great party, and don't forget to pack your thermals.

 Cheers mate, thermals and zider, and i'll be fine and dandy.  

hope you have a great time, why no caravans?

They dont have a licence for them mate, no electric hook ups either.

We have decided not to pitch a tent but instead we will sleep in the car.
(A hatchback)

We are going to push the 2 front seats as far forward as possible then fold down the back seats leaving us with all the rear section of the car and boot space,    a few pillows and a quilt and we should be fine, we have friends who we are meeting there who have a big Merc' converted wagon with a woodburner and all mod cons in it so we will ok for supplies etc.

HonkHonk sounds like fun, we've done the sleepin car thing a few times andcan be warmer than a tent before we had a camper

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