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Bantam cock


How do you cure a sheepskin ?
what chenmicals are needed?
who does this as a service ?

You can do it yourself very easily and not nearly as time consuming as you might think.

If you are curing a skin for a rug it is dead easy as it doesn't need to be quite so soft on the skin side - this is also excellent for things like deer skins.  Ideally allum would be used but I found it really hard to get hold of so we used a mix of ocilic acid, salt and water.  If its the sort of thing you are after let me know and I'll post up the "how to" thing.  I am sure though that others have their own methods on here too.

Sorry, should also have said, I know a couple of companies down here that will accept skins by courier if they are salted the courier back to you if you don't want to do them yourself and if you can't find anywhere local to you.
Green Rosie

I'd love a "how to" article Debbie as we have 2 lambs due for slaughter this year and they have lovely fleeces that I plan to make into rugs.

how do you go about getting the skins back from the slaughter house? as iv wanted to but not know how to

you just ask them and ask them to salt the skins as soon as they come off the animal.  our abattoir charge 1 for this.  When you collect the skin you have to fill in a form about a waste product - ie its yours and what you are going to do with it - basically it puts the abattoirs books right  - eg 6 animals killed 6 skins accounted for.  Thats it.  Its up to the abattoir of course if they will do this for you- ours is excellent.  OH is even signed on as a temp member of staff so that he can collect the blood from our pigs as they are killed - its at the abattoirs discretion though

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