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Rick & Carol

sheep race with pics

Well after my previous post and advice on width the race is complete and I kept a picture record for those that are interested in that sort of thing or might want to construct something similar.

First job was to dig some post holes and knock in strainer posts. As I wanted it square it was a bit of a bugger and took a lot of ramming and tugging with my old landie till I was satisfied.

Next job was to fix some 6x1 planking ready for guillotine gates to work in.

Dig out the run for chippings to prevent weeds and creosote

cut corrugated to size & screw to posts, 1 bit of 6x1 above each side to allow me to lean over and work and some scrap decking (from the tip) to attach to the corrugated sides

Our local blacksmith cut an old hurdle & re-welded to make two gates for me at the princely sum of 12

It felt a little wobbly in the middle so one more post hole, one more strainer post in & a bit of 6x1 across for added strength & I think it'll be fine for small elephants

a few fixings so I can attach hurdles without string to make up pens at both ends

and nearly finished, except our hens think it's great fun to move the chippings out, so some scrap corrugated cut to size and hung at each end seals the deal. Also when we do a home slaughter one of them will afford a bit of privacy from the lambs waiting in the other pen.

Now then, where's that Gareth, he's normally the one designing things

Aye you have been busy , it looks great and best of all its yours and it works   i always find it so good when what you have planned comes to fruition .

Looks good! I have no clue about such things but it still looks good! As long as it works then that's pretty cool.

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