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She is hooked

Talk about beginners luck !
My grandaughter still in primary school said she wanted to go fishing. Son and Dil  have no interest.
In a carboot i saw a small 6ft  rod and reel so I bought it and gave it to her.
What do I need she asked ? well hooks swivel weights line I said- ok I will order.
Last Thursday I rigged the rod up for her-she keeps it under her bed ! saying I would take her out on the weekend.
Saturday was a bad day so I stayed in and sunday busy.
Yesterday afternoon immediately after school I get a call Grandad will you take me fishing.
Ok I will be down now.
We went looking for worms and off we go.
The stream was clear so I told her she had to hide and walk gently so no vibrations.
Grandad put the worm on and GD plopped it in hiding behind some growth by the stream. It must have been an eternity for her as she waited but i swear it was not 5 minutes before she had a trout on. 10 minutes later another one !
She is truly hooked on fishing !! I guess  I now have a fishing buddy.

You're a lucky, lucky man
First of all that you have a granddaughter  and secondly that you live close enough to her to be there for her. Like most parents, I miss what I used to do with my own kids now that they're grown up and living so far away.

Trout suppers ?

Yes Bodger I know I am lucky. I spent my career focussed on my job and a sideline and although  comfortable now  my true riches are  in retirement seeing the big smiles on my Grandchildren's faces when they see me-that is priceless and the sleepovers.

Yes Horace she was going to eat them last night for supper.

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