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She can Swim

just got back from the Vets as Sasha decided to go for a swim in the pond.
She was so cold by the time I fished out so put her under some warm water and took her straight up the vets.  At present she is ok, body temp. a little low but nothing to be worried about.  At least I now she can swim.
Yorkshire Geordie

Baptism - I rember vividly the day Biscuit first submerged.
We were walking by the River Exe, in Exeter, where the path is virtually level with the river.
Biscuit was running freely up and down the path and banking when all of a sudden the heavens opened.
The rain was so heavy that it was splashing on the water making a mist. The swans and ducks were still swimming in the Exe and Biscuit came pelting down the bank straight across the path and carried onward to chase the swans.
Unfortunately she didn't see where the path ended and the river started and she took one or two leaps on the surface before sinking.
The swans and duck were unfazed and continued to swim on as Biscuit floundered.
I managed to hook her out when she was dog-paddling closer to the path and we were all laughing.
She still enjoys the odd run and jump in rivers and also the sea.
I hope Sasha soon recovers and isn't deterred.

She seems back to her normal self now, playing with her toys, biting me.
She has her last injection tomorrow so hopefully will be able to get her out for some nice walks and also to tire her out  


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