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shares in bee hives

weve been thinking about bee keeping and while looking for info and equipment prices we turned up this interesting concept

I like the Idea but to be honest would prefer to invest in a fellow OTG member  if anyone was interested in beekeeping and the only thing holding them back was finance

I am really interested in Bee Keeping, but finance is not holding me back. Alas, it's somewhere to site the hives themselves: Unfortunately my current stumbling block is Norwich City Council. They have a clause in the Allotment tennacy agreements, preventing the allotment tennants from keeping Bees.

I do have two WBC type hives flat packed and stored under my bed, I originally made and assembled these about 5 years ago, and then disassembled them for storage. All I have to do is screw them together, and find a suitable screen material for the frames.

Here is a link to the plans that I used;

Although they are American plans, there is a downloadable "Metricated" version available. And instead of the listed timber, I substituted with suitable thicknesses of exterior plywood. Use birch plywood if you can; it has more laminations per given standard thickness of ply and will last for years longer.

Mikki; one of my 3M's is a self employed gardener with a round in some of Norfolk's more rural parts. Hopefully she can help me with suitable locations to place the Bee hives next year .... .... .... I have an ambition to work at least 5-8 hives. Ask me very nicely, and I will do a "make your own Bee hive" photo step-by-step next year; say about late Feb- early March.

did you know you can plce beehives next to a footpath, as long as there is a hedge in between....?
bees wil fly over it and not bother walkers.....

but never put a hive near horses, the horses take great delight in kicking it over.....

I am taking a beginners beekeeping course in Mar and hopefully will be having a hive next year. I plan to start off with one and see how I go with that, my major problem will be where to site it, but am hoping that the lady that is taking the course will give me some pointers


it cost me next to nothing to set up my hives i made my first for a few quid got a swarm from a local keeper built more hives collected swarms and charged and bought a beesuit :xbigsmile:
All these companys want to do is to rob you blind 65-100 for a nucleus of bees then 200 for an hive 30 for a smoker etc.etc
most antique fairs you can pick up second hand equipment for very little money hives dont need making from cedar ply will do frames and wax foundation are worth buying cause of the effort involved in making them.
Ive started people off in the past with an hive frames and bees for 120
I have bought queens in though at a cost of 15 each due to the losses i had with flooding last summer but wouldnt do it again
I have 5 hives on the go which is ample for me and as ive mentioned in the past on here im prepared to help any one starting up
but i do recomend a course first :xbigsmile:


thanks ever so much jim for that information we are really interested in starting and at present looking into somewhere to place a hive and local courses ,

cheers richie and jen :xbigsmile:

I am doing a beginners bee-keeping course starting in March and am hopefully having some bees next year.  I have saved the plans for the hives and will have a go at making one in the new year.  I don't have too much of a problem in where to put them. Its just a case of whether I have the time to devote to them, I plan to start off with one hive and take it from there, but with a full time job, home and family, Pony Club, hopefully a horse of my own soon and my veggie garden/greenhouse I need to make sure I don't take too much more on!  Oops, nearly forgot I have a husband that likes to be spoken to occassionally as well  


two hives are better than one as any problems with either can be remedied with the other
20 mins per week per hive it all it takes
Rick & Carol

we're doing a begginers course starting in march as well - ours is in woodstock, don't suppose anyone else on this site doing the same course?

perhaps we can come to you for advice too Jim

Great minds think alike

This afternoon, I have filled out an on-line registration and paid the fees for a Basic Beekeeping evening course at Easton College Near Norwich for the Easter-Summer term.

I just need to reassemble my two (unused) home-made WBC hives, cover the frames, and then find somewhere to site them.

I am at the other end of wanting to keep bees.

I have the space & would like the honey but I dont want to look after the bees or have to process the honey. Have spoke to a local keeper but it seems they have the pick of the sites to locate hives on & pay about 1 jar per year.


I've got a promise from a local keeper that he'll place a hive or two in my new cider orchard. It will be a case of you scratch my back and i'll scratch yours. He'll have a site to keep his bees on with an ample nectar source and I should get improved harvests.

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