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Richard Bailey

Share and share alike, the "War-time" mentallity?

I have to say (NOT THAT I WAS EVEN BORN IN THE WAR BAZZER!) that it seems we have become more insular and selfish over the last few decades. During WW1 and WW2 people seemed to rally together and look after neighbours and the community.

I have a deal with Old Fred Timms, he gives us some early new pots and a few broad beans, we give him as many cooking apples as he can eat during relevant seasons. (he also likes my home distilled whiskey!)

Sally next door has ALL the fruit of one of my plums trees and she gives us a share of her home made wines, we also balance our surplus lettuce, etc. with her lovely fressh eggs from her small clutch in her garden.

As you will see from my other postings, I am now growing loads of veg and fruit myself, much of which we share with friends, family and neighbours...

We in turn suddenly acquire; pheasnts, local trout, etc.

What goes around comes around, but it usually starts best by being the first to give.

One fly in the ointment..... our local pub landlord (I know he doesn't mean to upset people, it's just that he isn't fully wired up right?)... the year before last, he was moaning about the price and availability of cooking apples, so for several weekends, I took down quite a few shopping bags full of my cookers. (plus loads of plums) Did he ever give me a free beer to say ta? NOPE! One week he inspected the apples I brought down (some of which I had knocked off the tree with a stick) and he complained about some of them being "fallers" then stiil didn't give me one single beer, but DID have the balls to charge me that Sunday lunchtime, for the apple pie made with MY apples!!!!!!! What an effing nerve! That is not the sharing attitude that works, guess how many of our cooking apples he got from us last year?

Morning Dickie.

If there's a next time, why not just say words to the effect of, "Here's your apples (W.H.Y.), that'll be thirty bob, two quid".

PS. Would I even suggest that you are ex-RFC.

Your landlord is the reason the sharing mentality has fallen away!  Our immediate neighbours do so much for us-MR ALWAYS helps OH with any building /demolishing/ clearing /hammering /burning etc jobs-even does them on his own sometimes! Mrs is always ready to babysit, lend stuff, donate stuff to the kids! They don't expect anything but we return favours with vet services and various produce which they love to eat!
Another neighbour down the road wanted a goose necking-so OH sorted it.  Then they wanted advice re starting with chickens.....which eventually led to them having seven of our POL pullets-mixed purebreeds-Cream Legbar, Speckled Sussex, Marans etc, in return for him taking down some overgrown conifers for us.  Over a year later we have just paid a local tree surgeon to do the job.  Do you think I can go and get my chickens back?!!!
As OH is a vet lots of people expect they can just ring up and get him to sort stuff even when he isn't working.  Really narks him at times as many people won't do a thing in return!  Having said that certain man in our village who is filty rich and as a result seems to think he can click his fingers and people come running, who does this often for his Show Ryeland sheep, call to say he needed OH to look at a sheep which is meant to be going to the Great Yorkshire Show-no "please could he look".  OH went, and returned with the news that he is giving us-no money required-one of his tups for our expanding flock of ewes!  So prehaps it is right to give first....and see what comes your way in return!!
Richard Bailey

There always seems to be a "sort" that take the pee and then others that restore your faith.

I was let down by someone not too long ago, on a concrete base I needed extending, in the end I was given the steel mesh needed to bind the concrete, for nothing, by a wealthy Earl, and my chum and Viscount, rolled his sleeves up and together we shovelled, mixed and laid the concrete in the pouring rain on Good Friday.

Back to main point of topic: Old Morety has become a great jam and marmalade maker since retiring. He has given me a 4 fruit marmalade, a strawberry & gooseberry jam and a straight goosegog jam.
In return he has had a half bottle of my home stilled Bombay Sapphire Gin, a jar of my homemade, homegrown cherry jam and going to get a portion of my self trapped Crayfish, which will be cooked, dressed and converted into my garlic butter crayfish salad.
A pleasure to both give and recieve

Old Fredd Timms was pleased to have a bucket full of the crayfish the other day and even my sceptical next door neighbours have had a dozen off me to try.
Good ain't it?

For the past few years now, all excess vedge and fruit, I've bagged up and passed on to others...some neighbours, mainly family..all other taken down to my local watering hole...for which I have recieved the odd pint or two...
Great you may think, to be honest I felt quite chuffed, pleased and happy to do so...untill a couple of guys...started pre-ordering vedge...Pardon..
"well the wifes cooking..." ..."were entertaining"..."wife didn't think the tatties were as good as last week"....." too much soil on them"..HuH!

Well now I only give to those who recieve greatfully....end of....
Sometimes I feel we can give too much...and in comes that feeling...
well taking the P, springs to mind, before being taken for granted.

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