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Shame on the RSPCA ?

I don't and wont donate to the RSPCA and this sort of incident does little to make me change my mind.

It's not just in the U.k. same thing goes on every where. When it gets in papers then they are up there spouting off

Rspca have been useless for many years, unless some form of media is used, in this case Facebook, they will not do anything. They are overflowing with millions, but use little of it for the cause they state in their name. Too many politically correct campaigns to chase.....most of which do not involve any cruelty to animals.
I have not given to the Rspca, and never will.

I have had cause to call in the RSPCA many years ago when 2 "liveries" arrived at a yard in Wales where I kept my horses - I have never seen animals in such terrible condition. They did step in, confiscated one of the animals and put the other to sleep.  But the owner of the animals was never prosecuted, the livery yard owner was .. Im so glad Hope has a chance now, just feel awful about the others left behind in the field. Love Lizzie

I'm with you Bodger - I know of many incidents with them and other animal charities.  You'd think you could complain to the Charities Commission - but they don't care either.  

RSPCA - hmmm, not worth a iota - would never consider ever calling them again. IPLH if a horse problem, the chap for Devon area Jeff is a nice chap.

I would never ever give anything to the RSPCA they are utterly useless. A few years ago some people who had a pub called me round to see their new donkey, well the poor thing was covered in lice, coat falling out in clumps, feet had never been trimmed and worst of all the headcollar had never been loosened since being put on as a foal. This resulted in the skin behind its ears and around his nose had grown over it. It was also a rig.
It was tethered to a tree with no water and they were feeding it weetabix. They had no idea how to look after it, they had brought it from a dealer who told them it was fine.
I gave them 3 days to get a vet and farrier out but they didn,t even try so i called the RSPCA and all i got from them was, "is it standing because if it is we cannot do anything", well i have to say my language was very colourful, i was then reminded that the call was being recorded to which i gave some more colourful language.
I called the donkey sanctuary in devon and they were there within 4 hours with the biggest lorry i have seen.
It took their vets 6 hours to operate and cut the headcollar off and when he had recovered he has been in an adoptive home ever since and they still let me know how he is doing, this was about 12 years ago.

We once called RSPCA because a dog had been left in our garden the answer we got was take to the police . The dog was a JRT bitch according the she was about a year old we kept her and had her for about 14 years and couldn,t have wished for a better dog.

I had some kids knock on my door one night asking me if I was the lady with the Staffies.  I said I was and they asked me if I could come round to my neighbours as they'd got a little Staffy who they'd witnessed being deliberately run over and they'd taken it to Marie's house because they knew her.  She'd told them to go and get me.

I went round to look at this poor dog.  She was in a state of shock and her nose was very obviously broken.  Marie is a great advocate of the RSPCA and she had called them and they said they'd come out.  40 minutes later, they still hadn't attended so Marie rang again.  They said they'd come out.  We gave them ten minutes and they still didn't turn up so I rang our own vet and asked him if he'd look at her.

He willingly agreed, even though it was out of hours on a Saturday night.  He was absolutely marvellous with the little dog and treated her straight away.  He told us to leave her with him and when I offered to pay for the treatment he'd given her, he refused.  He kept her with him until around Wednesday when we managed to locate the dog's owner and sent him across to the vets to retrieve her and to pay his bill!  

I have no confidence whatsoever in the RSPCA and I think they're a waste of time - unless they've got a camera crew with them of course, and then they can't do enough!  

Ive no faith in the RSPCA either.

Amongst other things that have happened, when my eldest was a teenager he found a cage of abandoned pet rats while out walking his JRT. he brought them home & I called the RSPCA. They arrived the next morning accused us of not knowing how to look after them, they should have been kept seperated etc & then said they wil be PTS when they got back to their centre.

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