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Shade lovers.

I am trying to revive our much neglected fruit and veg paddock. It has had a few years of neglect and my back isn't really up to weeding and digging it all over so I am having some excellent help from our 3 weaners in a mobile ark and a pen made of sheep hurdles-they are clearing it fantastically.
So the first section that is clear is adjacent to our stables and at the moment is in shade until about 1pm. As the year goes on I think it will get the sun a little earlier but because of the shadow from the sables it will never be in full sun.
Will anything thrive there? Or shall I restart the composting bins there instead? Or move my comfrey bed across to there? I don't really need any storage as I have a workshop that opens straight on to the plot.

Compost bins need sun to make them work well. Comfrey so far as I know is a sun lover.

But if you want to read through what the RHS suggests - then there is a big long list here on their site.

They give brief descriptions and I'm sure Google would help if you searched their images by name.

It's the sort of thing I do when I want some ideas.

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