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Setting a fox trap

Today the fox trap should arrive. I've been reading various articles on how/where to set it. I seems I have two options

1. to set it inside the poultry pen along the fence line so the fox sees it as a way of getting in/out of the pen.

2. along the hedge line, on the outside of the pen, where I'm sure the fox sometimes comes through.

Any tips please. As those of you who occasionally read my Facebook page know I have been having horrendous problems with a very determined fox.

I do have people I can call on to shoot the fox, if I'm fortunate enough to catch it and I'm sure they would help me set it but I'd like to try myself first.
So any tips most welcome.

First of all, think security for your new investment. Site it out of the sight of prying eyes.
The fox now knows where the food bar is, so I'd position the trap as close to it as possible.

If its a new trap it will be covered in many scents , try not handling it with bare sweaty hands ( more scent )

I would not put it inside the poultry pen, outside on a run close to the hedge is best, cover the floor pan base with soil or grass etc. But make sure it doesn't interfere with the trap door closing properly.

Foxes like old smelly chicken carcases. Remember in this type of weather to check the trap  often ( but not touching it, leaving more scent & disturbance )
Don't be too disappointed if it doesn't catch straight away.


Thanks - smelly chicken carcases are one thing I do have plenty of

It's arrived I'll set it this evening, not something I relish in but other than catching and shooting it I'm at a loss as what to do.

Sandrar which one did you end up getting?

This one. The longer one would probably have been better but I have spent so much recently on this fox. Ordered it yesterday morning arrived this morning.
Dave C

If it's brand new you might want to put it in an old water butt or the like for a day or at least over night just to get rid of all the scent and get it smelling like an old bog

I then bait it up and leave it unset until you know it has been in
It will then be confident and you should get a quick catch  

If you bait it and set it straight awAy you might be lucky and catch, but if the trap goes off without the fox in it will never go near the trap again.

Good luck

All the best hope next to hear you have caught the   fox

Put together but not set it OK? advice welcome


Looks good, personally (and remember that I know nowt about owt) I'd bait it, but not set it for a couple of nights.
Foxy will find the food and will get more confident about going for it after a bit of checking out, if you bait now and set in a few days you should get the right result, in the meantime, check daily to see if the bait goes.
Good luck!
Dave C


I too know nothing, but that looks great to me as atrap place

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