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Set up a web page??

I'm starting a small dog walking/ pet sitting business in my spare time. Just to bring a bit extra in a month. Nothing too serious just help out a bit. But I'd like to set up a web page. Does anyone know a decent company that I can set up a free website with that's easy to do as I'm a bit of a computer thicky?

I'm sure we must have a computer expert or two on here who could help you with something . . . . but sorry, can't remember who it is  

Someone I know has used this one before not used them myself however.

I used to use machine network as you can then buy your own domain name for 2.99 for 2 years and host it for 3.50 a month.
They have a number of apps to help you build apps and the support is amazing.

I ended up running 2 e-commerce sites and a forum website with them all on the same package with different domain names, and they helped with the setup for all of them
furdy is a reasonably easy site to use.....the downside is if you only use the free version you wont index and show up in searches too well. The search engines list rather than your own website which isnt too good if you are relying on people being able to find you via the internet.

Its pretty easy to find a company to host your site and buy a domain name for yourself. Most have fairly easy to master site builders. is a pretty reliable webhost at reasonable cost. If you are going to purchase a domain name try and aim at a

Bear in mind it may take six months to optimise the site to show high in search listings, and even then you will have to be quite active to keep the site near the top. If you are limitting your clientel to a fairly local area there may be more effective ways of getting your name out there in the first place. Parish magazines, local vets etc......have you thought of approaching the local travel agents, I'm sure many people wouldn't have considered them as a source of business.

Whatever you try I hope it goes well for you.....

Sorry guys been away from forum for a couple of days. That's great will have a look and get started!

Furdy is about right monkeybum..i used to use it as a free site to display my photographic work and i'm pretty dim when it starts getting a bit technical but i stuck at it and after a couple of hours found it very easy to use,its a good bet

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