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Richard Bailey

Serious Cabbage White Infestation!

I have never, never, seen so many Cabbage White Butterflies as there are this year!
We stood by my modest vegetable plot yesterday and estimated around 200 of the little barstewards all over my brocolli, sprout and cauliflower plants!

Having mentioned it, down the pub, to "Old Fred Timms", the legendary gardener of Milcombe and surrounding parishes, he confirmed that he also had never seen so many Cabbage Whites before! Other pub goers then joined in with the same, or similar, statements.

Is it just local, or is it more widespread? I cannot see how we have got a hope in hell of keeping up with this onslaught, there is only so much time available to go catapillar and egg squidging!

We've seen a load more here this year too.  Fortunately we'd netted everything that might have been of interest to them.

I was only saying the other day that it is a bumper year for Cabbage Whites. We are out daily taking the eggs off the brassiccas There were also more than the usual number of greenfly, probably due to the lack of Ladybirds. However, over the last couple of weeks the number of Ladybirds ( or are they all Harlequins?) seems to be increasing - maybe we are in for an infestation.

For the first time ever, we had minimal black fly on our broad beans this year.  Saw my first ladybird of the year today - where have they all gone?  My Mum who's a great gardener/lover of wildlife has been up here for the weekend and she's read somewhere that there is due to be an influx of ladybirds and a butterfly (sorry can't remember which one she said), later this year.  Let's hope so eh.
Richard Bailey

Hello again m'dearies!

Yup, noticed how few blackfly here too.

The demon cabbage white attack is still ongoing at full flow and they are really trashing my young swede plants, but we have an ally!

Finally I understand what God  :notworthy:  put wasps here for...... 

They are actually eating the cabbage white eggs AND it would seem that occassionally they even carry off the little catapillars, I am led to believe they then lay an egg in it for their young to feed on from inside?

GO STRIPEY!!!!!!!  :q37:    :q37:

I have had hundreds of cabbage white this year on his Lordships cabbages.
I have spent many well paid hours picking off the catapillers and finally resorted to the tried and tested method of the old double barrelled 12 bore.

It certainly sorted the little white buggers out..managed to down 5 with one shot....

Not only that but it plays merry hell with the food supply for them.

every year i plant nasturtiums, and every year they are infested with blackfly.....which is good, coz i use them as companion plants.
this year, not one plant has been attacked by them.........................but........a lot of my poor little cabbages have been turned into lace cutains by catapillars.............
Richard Bailey

Yup, it's been a cabbage white disaster here, I have pulled most of it all up and have done my besy to squidge as many caterpillers as possible, but there clearly are going to be lots of cabbage whites around next year from this years hatching, so won't bother going down that route.

My sprouts have just started to recover by throwing out new leaves at the top, so they might just make it?

Fingers crossed

Debris netting...make a frame..out of water pipe or 2 x 1 timber...cover the frame with netting...peg down the edges....
Its worked for me this year, with great success....
somewhere on here took some pics of the ones I made this year...

hope that helps  

Found the debris topic..Tittled "Remember This"...haven't got a clue how to
link it onto here....perhaps one of the Mods will be kind enough to help out,,,  

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