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Seperation anxiety

Hi, I've just moved yards (nearer,cheaper,better grazing,nicer owners) but my silly Arab wont settle. There is only one other horse there - a gelding - although she can see next doors skewbalds from her field.
Problem arises when other horse goes out for hack or lesson - she hurtles round the field til dripping with sweat or, if in her stable and he goes out, she box walks and rams into the door. Im getting a bit cheesed off - I dont want the other livery to have to alter her routine and I cant alter mine due to family commitments, basically we are not there together except for a ride at the weekend. A companion is out of the question but any other suggestions welcomed. Thanks Lizzie.
p.s she is 21 and should know better!!!!

we have this with the wifes horse! but he is the only one here if i take the goats anywhere and he cant see them he goes nuts! i'll be as keen for a fix as you!!!

Instant solution would be a companion but as you dont want to go through that nause its going to be difficult.

You could try the "get on with it and deal with it" method, ie just leave her to get used to it, not ideal as she could do her self some damage haring around, lose weight getting stressed etc

Is there a sheep/goat other friend she could possibly be found to keep her company instead of another horse? Only thing with that is she may get too attached to her new companion, or maybe mirrors in her stable so she thinks there is another horse with her

Personnally i would try a calmer, there are loads on the market that can do everything and anything supposedly. My mare has gone from having plain magox (bought off ebay) to now being on Nupafeed MAH calmer, not for the same reasons but just to rebalance her equilibrium.

If none of the above are of use, hopefully someone else will have some other thoughts

Will keep my fingers crossed for you (and Budgies wife)


Sorry no bright ideas on dealing with this, its what comes of domesticating a herd animal! Given the last 1.6M years (and that is just the modern horse) have been conditioning them to be scared when alone and feel safe in company I can't think of much other than find a companion or trade in for a solitary creature like a cat!

Hasten to add she is only left alone for an hour while other livery rides. I am investigating mirrors for the stable- has anyone got one?? Love Lizzie

Sorry, cant help as had this problem with my old girl, couldnt even have my other pony at the opposite side of the yard even though she could still see her   She would get so upset she would end up with colic.  Obviously i would say a little shetland or similar as a companion but as that is out of the question I really dont know what to suggest as I couldnt solve it with mine. I found that calmer didnt work on her either.

I've been watching this with interest - my mare was OK when I kept her on her own. Since the 2 ponies have been here she won't even stay in her stable without getting agitated, which can be a problem when she needs a poultice on her foot! I've consequently mastered the art of the mud-proof poultice!
It's not just mares either - my sister reached a stage where she couldn't take her mare out for a ride because her field companion (a gelding) injured himself going gaga while she was out!

Had excatly the same problem with my mare - pair bond in the extreme.  Interesting though that she is fine if she is the one taken out on her own on a ride but goes balastic if her friend is taken out.  Her strongest bond was with Bobby who was her mother - although they hadn't seen each other for about 10 years when Bobs came to us and they really were inseperable except for when George was being ridden then Bobs would demolish the stable. it only stopped when Bobs died. when that happended Georige screamed once then walked out ofthe field without a backwards glance and never called for Bobs again.  

Sorry no answer to your problem - we had to get a companion for Georige in the end so we had control even though she was on a busy livery yard at the time she needed her own special friend.

Would a mild oral sedetive from the vet adminstered over a week just before the other horse goes take the edge off the stress for her and get her used to the idea gradually?

Well an update. Leyla horse LOVES her mirror!! She whickers to her reflection when I put her in her box and covers the mirror in kisses. Much happier neddy now! Love Lizzie

Glad to hear she is more settled. I have this vision of her looking at her own reflection and going all gooey eyed!!


Great news

Really pleased that you found a solution, hope she stays calmer now.

Ahhh. I'm glad that she loves her mirror. Did you have to get a special one or use any old mirror?

Hi, I used a shatterproof acrylic mirror like they use in gyms. Its not as "true" as a glass one  - the image is a bit distorted but she dosent seem to mind! Love Lizzie

My new pony Toby has been having these issues, he is over at my friends training yard, and he kept climbing out the stable....!

After many hours of patient groundwork, he is finally getting it into his head that it's OK to be in the stable, watching the world go by, and really, he isn't on his own just because he can't see anyone....!

The top door can now be open, and he is happy to stand and watch the activity on the yard.

The next step is to get him back in the field without jumping out even though there are others in there, when one horse is removed.

He is doing well, because where he was before, for the last 8 years, he was allowed to do as he damn well pleased, letting himself out the gate, the stable, and pottering about the yard when he felt like it!

Being ridden too, instead of bellowing for other horses, he is now concentrating on what is being asked of him, but the whole success of how my friend trains, is the groundwork, and the rest slots in place once the basics are there.

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