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selling our cider

Have decided that we probably will have enough to sell this year, so Im meeting with the EHO this week (she is really nice).

I will prob do what Bodger has done - TENs from Easter till it runs out.
My issue will be labelling I think.  Our local TS people are a bit slow and 'interesting'.
Im looking at plastic containers mainly, but possibly some bottles too.

For those not in the know, a TEN's is a temporary events notice.

Lozzer, I'll photo copy some literature of what exactly is needed on your labels.

Lozzer, I'll photo copy some literature of what exactly is needed on your labels

That'll be really useful to see Bodger  

So Im preparing for Sally's visit (our EHO), and showing my plans/thoughts.  She is really nice and has made it quite clear that she is very supportive of the project (even though she actually hates the taste of cider).
Ive treated my cider with the film yeast.  tasted it first - not vinegary or anything, just a tad sharp, but clear and nice (even at this early stage). A crumb of camden tablet will sort it.

So, looking at bottling/bag in box and final product Im going to conduct an experiement.

The cider exists as a still clear cider.
Sample 1 will keep this as the control.

Sample 2 will be a still sweetened cider (sweetened with splenda)

Sample 3 will be a fizzy unsweetened (ie dry). So primed with sugar.

Sample 4 will be fizzy sweetened.  Primed with sugar and splenda.

Ill check all of them in a week and see what the story is.  Im aware of the bursting bottlew scenario - they will be stored in the freezer shed outside.

Have just thought of a question.

Obviously, to satisfy Trading Standards I have to label any cider for sale with an appropriate ABV.  Now, at present I know the ABV of both batches - one is 6.3%, and one is 8%.  Ive based this on the before and after SG readings.
Now if I sell something that is primed, then technically a further fermentation is taking place and this will alter the ABV, but to what?

Also, Im not keen to sell 8% cider, but would like to dilute to 4% (much more sellable in the summer), so would I just assume that diluting the quantity automatically halves the ABV or am I missing something?

How much sugar would you put in a 750ml bottle to prime it, taking into account I don't want cider all my workshop.

THE EXPERTS say 5g per 500ml bottle.  This assumes you have fermented out to 1.000.

I would assume that it depends how much fizz you want - thats why its a bit of an experiement.  If there is even a tiny amount of live yeast you will get a reaction.  And measuring 5g isnt exact......

Good luck.

Have just found a professional alcohol testing service to verify ABV of a final product.  17.50 for 2 tests.

Lorraine, its going to be well worth you investing in a refractometer like the one that we have.

In the meantime, you'll find this to be of interest.


dont you have to send samples off to have them analysed?  I would imagine this is what the EHO will require me to do.  Is using a refractometer enough?

It certainly is. Alcohol strength has nothing to do with the EHO. Its down to trading standards, who will test your cider if they think it necessary.

meeting went well.  She is more than happy with our process & facilities and is putting me in touch with someone at Wadebridge re the labelling requirements.  Re testing, she says it would be good for us to get ABV, sulphites and to establish shelf life.
So, a good visit.

If you adhere to the amount of sulphites recommended, there isn't any need to have quantities tested. if you check out all the cider labels in the shops, they all state " may contain sulphites for freshness"
You are required by law to state ABV but there is a small margin for error that you're allowed.
Our cider has been tested by the relevant groups as in the EHO and Trading standards. They've wanted the tests done and they've paid to have it done. Don't go down the route of paying for the tests yourself. It will add an inhibitive cost to your enterprise. Work on the principle of using best practice and if they want to test it, then they pay for it to be done.

What about shelf life?  Are you putting this on the label, EHO has suggested a seperate label for this (with ABV & volume).

Now Im looking at quotes for short run labels....

A best by date is required for apple juice but not for cider.

have spoken to someone locally who can do a short run digital label, so am formulating a design (easier said than done).

This is probably what we are going for  - its a work in progress at the mo.....    

Click to download file

I know have the proofs for the labels done, and Im waiting for TS to get back to me.  Im still waiting for Customs and Excise too.

have updated my new website and facebook page.

have a look       and if you do facebook - please 'like' me!

Now that site, is easy to navigate, and the sections are well set up, with nice clear images, well done.    

Thank you Border....Ill be doing updates via Facebook so you can all look there at my business page  killibury garden machinery and smallholding....

the more 'likes' I get the better apparently, although I cant really lose sight of the fact that just because people are looking at it, dosnt mean they will be customers.  I would imagine for hatching eggs this isnt going to be an issue - and in fact Ive already had 2 people ask for eggs via facebook, but selling the cider needs footfall - so Im trying to rope in locals.

Finally got confirmation from Revenue & Customs - just waiting for TS now......

Don't know why this post is here

We have Spotty Dog Cider in 2 pubs now, and a couple more will stock from easter onwards.  Ive had great wholesale sales over Christmas, and am looking forward to doing some shows starting in March.
Im taking on a young part timer (starts Tuesday) and looking forward to a good year.

Just had our first Try and Buy weekend with TENs.
Quite frankly, would not do again.  Very little footfall, despite loads of advertising, signs on the main road etc.
But we are very popular with local pubs and cafes.

I have a Food Festival coming up and then Liskeard Show in July, then nothing till Wadebridge Christ,as shopping.

But, Ive already sold 2/3rds of the 1600L I had for sale, so not complaining.

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