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Selling honey at the gate

Other than labelling regulations what other requirements do I need to sell honey from our hives at the gate.

Do I need a health and hygiene certificate. kitchen inspection etc.

I'm just trawling through the Food Standards Agency page but would appreciate any advice.

Many thanks.

As far as I can see there's no requirement for kitchen inspections or health and safety certificate. I've never done either and I don't know anyone who has unless they already have one or are making honey cake or other products that need cooking, like fudge.

Follow the links on this page should give you all the regulations you need:

here's a short page about the labeling regulations, together you should have the full picture.

The only bee products you can't sell without lots of regulation and inspection are cosmetics.

You may also find this article useful if you have loads of wax:

Thanks Pembroke, I couldn't find anything to say I needed to but was afraid I was missing the obvious.
We've got the labels printed with all that is required, just need to decide on pricing now. Looking around 5 for a 340g/12 oz jar appears to be the going rate.

Thanks for the info. re. wax  - I'll take a look  

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