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Dave C

Selling Day Old Chicks

How much do you sell your day old chicks for?

Looking in the local adds they seem to be up for 5 per chick, unsexed  

Now I think 5 is a bit high and have offered my Indian Game for 3 each.
Have received about 5 orders for 20+ each  

Am not in it for the money as I want to spread what I class as a good blood line around, but am selling myself short?

Yep a bit. Hatching eggs are usually at least 2 each, so to have chicks on the ground should be more. Plus the whole point of IG is that if you have males you can fatten them up so 5 a chick is acceptable I would say! How far are you from East Yorks?  

I genuinely don't know. I must be the worlds worst when it comes to charging for eggs, chicks and chickens.
I've got up this morning to find a chick has hatched overnight in the incubator. He doesn't look like a fivers worth yet. Fingers crossed that I get a few more.
Dave C

Where abouts in East Yorks Freckle?

I have my Meat Hybrid x Meat Hybrid chicks hatching tomorrow, hopefully.
Year 2 of my experiment project.

Then it looks like I'm hatching as many IG as I can.
Dave C

There must be a shortage of utility IG because I haven't advertised them this has just come from folk on another forum pm ing me.

Think I will go 3 mates rates, 5 unknowns  

Seriously Dave, I reckon that if you went on to the OLD Time Poultly FB group, you wouldn't have a chance of keeping up with demand for them.

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