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Ben 10

Seed sowing 2011

I'm waiting for the weather to warm up so I can plant my seeds - I've got multi coloured maize and snake gourds to try this year.

Are you trying anything new this year?
Sport Tom

I've got swan gourds and runner beans with red and white flowers    

My mum used to grow Gourds and I still have some of them as decorations. I've seen the snake ones in catalogues. It'd be interesting to see how yours turn out, Ben.

The only 'new' thing we are trying this year is Melons. No, I tell a lie, we're alos trying long, sweet peppers because I've been told they crop better than bell peppers.

The long peppers always crop better for me. I'm trying stripy aubergines as well as the usual purple ones.

Sport Tom wrote:
I've got swan gourds and runner beans with red and white flowers

I've heard of runner beans...but only in name. Can you describe them to me? Do any of you have pictures of your different gourds?

I'm gonna try a few different varieties of seed that BB grows on 'his side' of the states.

Green Rosie

In France Runner Beans are also know as Haricot D'Espagne (Spanish beans) and are grown more for their decorative flowers than beans.  Here's a link - Runner beans.  They are a long thin bean, can be stringy if left too long but very British.  Eaten sliced thinly and often added to pickles.

Swan gourds

Snake gourds

Patty pan squashes and yin yang beans in the vegetable line as well as dwarf runner beans in pots. I've got sweet marjoram in a tray on the window sill - it's supposed to be a bit erratic to germinate.

I picked up some traditional English primrose seeds in a selection of 2 for 1 - no idea if they will work or if the polyanthus will work either. I've also got a trial packet of Petit Posy to try - it pleads it's not quite brussel sprouts. And also a trial packet of annual autumn aster which on my packet looks like a purple michalmas daisy.

We'll see.

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