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Seed Circle 2014

Yes it is that time of year again and finally I have sorted out  my seeds, plenty of time on my hands the last few  days.

I won't embarrass myself by telling you all how out of date so-so-so many were
They are now gone, the birds are having extra treats  

So I now have two packets to send out, both well dated 2015  

Courgette Sunbeam F1 (yellow) and Cucumber Burpless Tasty Green F1.

As usual post your interest, PM me your address, take what you need, add a few more and post onto the next person on the thread.

Have fun and happy growing for 2014.... DD

Oooh er DD, youre organised   Im up for it again, will pm you addy, thank you

Will need a bit of time to sort my seeds out as am decorating at the mo, have builders outside so everything in chaos (well more than usual!)

Posting today Sapphire, happy growing

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