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mrs tiggywinkle

see Tom Petty

and the Heart breakers at the O2 arena in Dublin.
  We went over by ferry on Thursday night ready for the concert that evening. We were very lucky and managed to be standing 3 people from the front!!! There's really nothing I can say about the concert itself except it was BRILLIANT!! Tom sang for almost 2hrs and did most of his hits and some new tracks. Best concert I've been to in ages.

Tom and the band.....thank you and good night.

Good photos!
Glad you had a good time.
We were thinking of you with the ferry crossings

Thanks great photos and can see you were right up there   we can it would have been one of the best

Looks like a great night!  

Oooooh lucky you!
Saw Tom Petty once backing someone else - can't remember whether it was Bruce Springsteen or Bob Dylan.
How was the crossing?

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