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see the refurbished vintage 1960's Mobile Cinema

A friend told me about a refurbished 1960's vintage mobile cinema that was touring East Anglia, and showed me a short article which contained a small grainy black and white photo of the mobile cinema from that mornings Eastern Daily Press.

For some (yet) unknown and obscure reason that picture sort of lodged in my brain, and over the next week to ten days I often found myself thinking about this mobile cinema.

The mobile cinema was to visit Norwich on Saturday the 8th of June and would open free to the public for viewing of a 20 minute long montage of local historic preserved and restored films from about 3pm until 7pm outside of the Forum on Millennium Plain. At first I wanted to go and see it, and then I became very busy with additional Cargo Cycles Pallet Bar orders, and I decided to go if I could.

At about 3pm I finished work, went inside had a wash and got changed and then I googled the mobile cinema and visited their website, and it was while I was reading about the history of the mobile cinemas it hit me. When I was 5 years old back in 1967, I remembered the brand new mobile cinema buses and their trailers being delivered to PERA (Production Engineering Association). Now this is the thing until June 1968 my family lived approximately 200 metres from PERA, so for about a year or so I saw these mobile cinemas on a regular basis; mainly on Friday afternoons when they returned to PERA for the Weekend, when they were washed and valeted on PERA's car park during Saturday just down the road from us, and then when they went back out on the road on a Monday morning.

Anyway here are a few of the photos I took of the (one and only remaining) refurbished 1960's vintage mobile cinema's visit to Norwich.


Nice looking bit of kit

I've never seen one of those before
It looks good but I can't imagine that it was ever cost effective

kaz wrote:
I've never seen one of those before
It looks good but I can't imagine that it was ever cost effective

It wasn't travelling around as a mobile cinema visiting villages and showing mainstream movies of the time that they were designed or used for. The 7 mobile cinemas and accompanying display trailers belonged to the Ministry of Technology, were operated by PERA out of Melton Mowbray, and travelled the UK showing industry related training videos at various companies.

There's currently one in Scotland
Yorkshire Geordie

A (mobile) room with a view.  



Some more original photos of the mobile cinemas:


What a great idea, glad theyhave saved one    Would make a fantastic camper  

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