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see Debbie and Simon at Hidden Valley Pigs

Having a few days relaxation down at my Mother-in-Law's in South Devon and yesterday afternoon we took a drive over to North Devon to meet Debbie & Simon and their extended family.

We had a fantastic time - it was a real pleasure to "meet" Debbie and Simon after "talking" to Debbie for so many years on OTG.

Met Darcy the big baby of a mahoosive Great Dane, Dex the one eyed sheepdog who does his breed proud (even if he does think he's a duck).  We milked Amber the goat in order to feed the three little lambs in the stable next door.  We met General Lee and boy, he is one big boy!  We also met all of his "Wives" and their children in their various parts of the Hidden Valley.

I feel we formed the basis of a longstanding friendship with Debbie & Simon and as everyone else who has visited with them will tell you - you can feel the passion they have for everything they do in their little bit of Devon.  It has to be seen to be believed and is such a wonderful place to be.  I came away with the feeling that I would give up everything for their lifestyle tomorrow!  I know it's not easy and it does have it's rough times but it must have so many heartwarming times too.

Debbie and Simon we salute you and would like to thank you very very much for the time and passion you showed us and allowing us to see your piece of Devon.

We very much look forward to tasting the pork that we brought away with us and also having a soft boiled egg with soldiers for breakfast in the morning.

We also look forward to coming back for a butchery and cheesemaking course with you at some point in the near future.

Thank you again -    

 Thank you Teri - it was a pleasure to meet the three of you and show you round.  we are very privileged to live where we do and have the care of our land. You're right, it is hard sometimes but the advantages and beauty of the place and the freedom we have and the characters of our animals far outway the petty irritations that we feel once in a blue moon....we wouldn't swap it for the world (mind you, we wouldn't be farmers if we didn't moan about something)

We look forward to seeing you again soon - you know you are welcome here anytime...although don't be surprised if you get put to work next time  

Debbie and Simon x

Karen and I are looking forward to our visit to Hidden Valley at the end of the month. Simon and Debbie are fantastic hosts and their little piece of Devon is as close to heaven as can be.

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