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Second foal born....

last night at 11.30, a 19" colt (again!!) predominantly white, with a mixed tail and bay head with a blaze.  He is called Tom (I know someone on here has a dog called Tom, but this little guy said that was his name so I can't change it.. )

Anyway, he decided he could not possibly suck from mum, she had a nasty old tight bag, and he could not get hold of her tiny (maiden mare) teats, I waited as long as I dared and then milked some off for him, usually that's it and off they go...............not Tom. I am still helping him now, although I have just had the first breakthrough and he did latch on for a few minutes, so I am letting him get a bit hungry then will try again.

I am cream crackered, did not go to bed at all last night as was feeding him every hour and also today...........fingers crossed he "see the light" and I get to bed tonight, pics tomorrow, I just could not work up the energy today.. :q28:  :q28:


Congrats on the foal  :q33: and sleep well, and good luck with him tomorrow :-)

How is mum doing?  Does she like him?

Hi Yvonne,

Yep, mum loves him, but she is very tender around her bag as its so darn huge and tight, I have been milking her out as much as I can and feeding him form a bottle, I think he managed to get his first suck as the bag is just beggining to soften.....hopefully!!  He has a great suck, if he gets one of your fingers, it's hard to get it back!! :q28:

Well, good she likes him, maiden mares can be tough sometimes, can't they?  At least you are getting the colostrum into him and he has a good suck reflex.  I'll bet since you are letting him get a bit hungry, he'll get it figured out and things will be fine with the two of them.  Hope you get some sleep tonight.

Well done - let's hope that you get some sleep tonight.
Our eldest son is called Tom - a good name :q37:
green man

Well done Jane, TLC always pays off , grab some sleep you deserve it, fingers crossed for a better day tomorrow. :hello2:

having foaled many t.b mares at stud have found that if you nudge the mares bag as if you were a foal wanting foodl it sets a reaction and the milk usually starts to run congrats on your foal  the bit i love the most is that first call the mare makes when she sees her foal

Thanks folks,  we have a much rosier prognosis this morning. Last night when I went back to check after posting here, he was much happier to suck, if a tad unsteady on those long pins of his!!  I checked 4 times in the night and each time he was glued to the milk bar so fingers crossed we are away.

Jill13, I know what you mean, I never get over the total miracle that birth is, be is with my dogs, horses or whatever.

This foaling was classic, she was unsettled all day, at just before 11.30 her water broke, she got down, 7 minutes later 2 feet and nose presented , a couple more pushes and Tom was with us, and that magic moment as you say, the soft nicker and her still lying down turning to sniff and lick at him.

Now her fun starts, as he gets stronger and starts to be mishchievous!!

I WILL do pics later today, I love this foal.......well, I can't lie, I love 'em all...he he he.

Good for young Tom!
Anxiously awaiting pictures.....
deyzis mum

Welcome Tom :hello2:

Cant wait to see a picture :-)

how many foals are you expecting this year Jane?

Ok folks, pictures of Tom, they are in the stable as although it was bright today I only put them out for an hour this morning, as he is so tiny and his coat is like thin silk.
As you are all friends, you can call him Tom  :q28:  but his registered name will be "Conundrum Topic's Tom Jolly"

The spotty bottom is mum, Fancy, however Tom has taken on far more of his dads characteristics and looks much more like dad. The person in the pic is my dil, Gemma.

green man

Oh he is so sweet and so new ,very lovable congratulations :q37:

He's gorgeous  :-)

Although I'm not a horsey person, he really is cute.  Is his mum a pony rather than a horse - he looks moe of a pony foal?  Its obvious I'm not horsey, isnt it  

Oh, he's gorgeous!
deyzis mum

awww he is a cutie :-)

I'm loving his mum's markings any chance of a pic of mum pleeeeaaaassseee :-)

He's small enough to pick up and cuddle :-)

He looks adorable
It must be lovely to watch the progres of a mare being pregnant, the delivery and how fast the foal becomes a character in their own right :q37:

You are right to love every one

oh they look so cute how old are they

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