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There are lots of advantages to living on the Lleyn Peninsular. One of them is having such fantastic scenery and wildlife on our doorstep.
Karen and I have just got back from a walk along the cliff tops from Edern towards Tudweliog. My pedometer showed that we did just a tad over three miles.
We went deliberately to have a look at the seals and we weren't disappointed. We saw well over thirty. with quite a few hauled out of the water. Here are some photos that we took of the seals that we saw, I hope that you enjoy them


Thanks bodger    Enjoyed looking at those.

Your welcome.  
Yorkshire Geordie

Very nice, Bodger and very chilly looking.  
Although I live by the sea I can't say that seals visit us on a regular basis because I've never photographed them locally.

When I saw the topic title I saw these in my mind's eye ........


Its been about ten degrees all day today, it was OK as long as you kept moving.

Nice to see them so close

They do seem to pick the most uncomfortable looking beaches to sprawl out upon though, don't they ?


Nice pics    

  they are wonderful to see.

Bodger, I don't think I've walked along there. Where do you start from?

Go to the now defunct post office in Edern and turn right. Go along there for about half a mile and on the left, there's a lay by. Park your car there and go up the road to an unmade lane on the right. Go down that to the cliff tops and turn left. Walk for a mile and you'll see the seals OR make arrangements and Karen and I will take you there but bring some waterproof shoes, its a bit muddy in places.

Thanks bodger  

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