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Seals on the Lleyn

I took the mutt for a walk on the Cliffs this morning, just down the peninsular a little from the village of Edern and saw around eight of these creatures. They were almost as interested in me as I was in them.


To see them tem would have made my year...............thanks for the post

To see a Robin is a thrill around here.....   thanks


That's SO Cool, Bodger!

Years ago when I used to fish for bass I used to hand feed seals from the boat. They're scarily big when you get close up to them.
mrs tiggywinkle

Good photos  Bodger.  Especially like the close up.

Fantastic thay are great to see thank you

Always reminds me of swimming dogs

Beautiful creatures and great shots.

Now for the flip side..... in local press this week, 3 seals have been found dead on Black Rock sands (on the other side of the peninsula from Bodger, just along from Portmeirion).  Most probably by human hand - one even decapitated.



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