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Sea Fishing Kayaks

Later on today,if the weather improves, we are supposed to be going to the Menai Straits to try out a variety of sea going kayaks. Its Robs 21st next month and we are going to be buying him one for his birthday. Its doing what it tends to do best in North Wales at the moment and thats chucking it down with rain but hopefully, there will be pictures to follow of the sea trials to follow.

Edited to say " Mmm, I didn't think that it had been that draughty overnight"

T'was a bit scarey I bet.

We've bought two kayaks this morning. We are just taking Rob and his purchase down to the beach for sea trials. Pictures soon.  Me? I'm waiting for the sun.


To the beach.



The next big event will be when the old man puts out to sea and catches his first fish.

a friend of mine has one and uses it off blackpool.  mackrel, plaice, codling and the odd ray.  that said he has an echo locator on it, radio...and paddles between a mile and 3 miles out....think i would just use it for those bass areas around the coast.

good luck and let us know how you do!!


The first bit of nice weather and we'll be off out. Weather permitting, Tuseday is the first day thats clear of other work.

Looks good! Though think I'd like a Canadian better, much drier than open kayaks and a a bit more space (though wouldn't have fishing hooks in my Sevyelor Colorado!)

The Canadians don't get on with windy weather as well as the kayaks and are a little less stable.

bodger wrote:

The next big event will be when the old man puts out to sea and catches his first fish.

Not too big an event, one would hope?  


Blimey     Its even the same colour as mine.

Rob and I have just been out on the kayaks for the last three hours. I took my spinning rod and caught six small pollack. It was a great experience and can't wait to get out again on Friday. God I'm going to be stiff tomorrow.

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