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Sea Fishing Bait.

A good many years ago I had a little side line going selling fishing bait from the house.

I bought a sandeel net and froze what I caught and did a rip roaring trade from the gate. I also sold frozen mackerel which I bought for next to nothing from the local fishermen and also did frozen razor fish which I got from the local beaches at very low tides. Add this to the boxed squid which I got from the local fish wholesaler and all in all, it was fairly lucrative and well worth doing.

Well, I'm thinking of starting to do it again but wonder what conditions might apply to me selling sea fish. As I understand it, its against the law for private individuals to sell the sea fish that they catch. Can anyone enlighten me ?

PS. I aint digging lug worm for anyone, if they want some they can dig their own.

Wont it be ok as its for "pet food" / bait & not human food?

Never heard of any of my local diggers/suppliers having any problems due to not for Human Consumption.

Just a Diggers Licence from local authority but you won't be digging. Don't forget Peeler is a shit hot Bass bait.
A couple of suppliers actually used to buy Lug, Rag and Peeler from bait collectors/diggers and then sold with a mark up. Collectors had a regular customer and didn't have to worry about shifting it themselves.

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