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Dave C


Screw fix now have a Rural Supplied section which looks quite good.

Don't think the website is finished yet but I heard they are starting with some real knock down pricing on fencing etc.

I see they have a Brensea Octagon 20 Auto turn incubator for 139.99
Which is a good 80 cheaper than anywhere else.


That's a good heads up Dave.

Typical I've just bought myself an Brinsea. Thanks for the heads up though,we have more fencing to do and I'm thinking of getting an electric hen.I'll take a look
Dave C

What Brinsea did you get Sandra ?

The Brinsea octagon 20 advanced- through Brinsea. They had a sale, including postage I paid 206.

Screwfix seems good on price for the brooder though.
Dave C

Ouch, can't be helped Sandra.

Have you used it yet and if so is it any good I am thinking of treating myself

1st hatch due any day, in fact I think there is peeping coming from it now.

So far simple to use, it took 24 large eggs and has adjustable dividers which look as though they maybe useful.

I didn't add water or use the cooling system or drop the temperature on lockdown.

I stopped turning yesterday, a little fiddly compared to my other one but nothing to fuss about. My main concern is when I removed the dividers and laid the eggs flat there was very little room.

I added water to both water tanks when I stopped the turner, the digital display is showing 48% but as I've never bothered with humidity figures in the past I have no idea how that will effect the hatch. ( it's obviously lower than the 78+% people recommend)

It seems small to hold 24 chicks before removing them ...we'll see. ll keep you posted.

I did and still do like my Feim so am probably looking for niggles.

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