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Scooby,s next adventure

After letting you all know about how scooby has progressed since i had him in feb 2010, from being a very hairy gypsy cob who could not canter to being able to go around a cross country course.
Although he has been driven before to a bow top wagon, i had not driven him, so i brought a webbing harness and already had an exercise cart and have now been driving him for the last 4 days.
He has been brilliant, i harness him up and put the vehicle to him on my own and off we go, i am now saving up to buy him a really nice vehicle and a good leather harness and i think we shall aim for a few shows next year.
He had been out for an hour here.

That is such a wonderful progression and great to see Scooby pulling a cart - it looks as though you are having a great time

Thankyou, its amazing when i think back to what he was like when i first had him, i never thought he would be this good i am so lucky to have a pony like him.

That Pic. is a MUST for the OTG Calendar.  

Thankyou Bazzer, i put it on after i read what you said and then realised that you had done a link for it, once again thankyou.

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