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Scooby and I

This is scooby,s new driving vehicle we went out for a lovely drive this morning, i have saved very long and hard for a vehicle like this. I have brought and sold lots of tack etc.

Fabulous, I hope you have many happy drives, there is nothing like it is there, enjoy.

Fantastic,  enjoy your drives, you both look the part.

That looks so fantastic and all so just meant to be together as others said may you have lot of great times and us get photos please  
Grandma Bodger

what a picture it all looks beautiful certainly worth saving for  
stir crazy

you look the business, hope you enjoy - you deserve to with all that dosh saving, well done you

I hope that you will have many hours of pleasure with it

We had a little coloured pony that was brilliant with the children but when we put her in front of a cart she was unstoppable    

I would like to say thankyou to you all for your lovely replies. I sent the picture to the people at Benningtons and they said to just move the body of the vehicle foreward a bit to level it up and then the picture would be spot on.
Once again thankyou to you all.  

Thats a super turn out Gerry.

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