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Scientists discover common sense

At last, someone has realised that electricity doesn't just appear at the socket by magic.
I wonder how much it cost to make this wondrous discovery? :roll:

As Mr J. Clarkson said  "All these clean green electic cars are going to need many more nuclear power stations"  Not that I quote him often BUT !!!!!!

Cost they had to pay them to do something  

Those of us with common sense have already known this for some time.

It is just something that the green lobbists, enviromental organisations and the media in general have chosen to ignore

Well if Scientists discover common sense, will they please sent some over to the Danish government.

Don't bother sending any of that kinnock BS, as we already have enough of that.

When will the powers that be realise that continued growth is not an option if this planet is to survive. Common sense dictates that we need to use less and preserve resources.
It's not rocket science!!

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